Hi-Lo Acres (Grandpa's Best Pork)   USDA Organic Seal

Aaron Keilen
9855 Grange Rd.
Portland, MI 48875

Certified Organic with GOA

Growing Practices: Hogs are raised and fed organic grains that are grown on the farm. There are no hormones or antibiotics used and sows are never housed in stalls or crates. They have access to deep bedding in the winter and fresh air and pastures in the summer.

Type of Sales: Wholesale and retail.

Farm Products: Whole and half hogs custom processed along with individual pork cuts including pork chops, roasts, bacon, sausages, brats, and ham.

Farm Description, History, and Highlights: My grandfather started this farm in 1939 growing crops and added the hogs in 1959. We have a strong focus on building soil biology to grow healthy plants to sustain our hogs which in turn will sustain us.

County: Clinton

Region: South Central

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